Bethel Church is a congregational church which means that the authority of the church lies with the church membership. The membership selects individuals to serve in various positions.


Elders provide the overall direction for the church and serve to “guard the flock” (Acts 20:28). Elders should meet the biblical qualifications outlined in the New Testament.


Deacons provide care for the needs within the congregation. They visit the sick, manage the benevolent funds, and assist the Bethel elders as needed.


Deaconesses serve the church family with their gifts of hospitality and congregational care. They also visit the sick and provide direction for church fellowships and communion preparation.


Trustees serve by maintaining the church facilities as well as the church budget.

Other Leadership Positions

Bethel affirms other members to serve in various capacities such as treasurer and financial secretary. These positions support the ministries of the church so that the gospel can go forth.