A Gift from Bethel Church

A Gift from Bethel Church

Bethel Church has a free gift to you. You will be receiving an email later today from RightNow Media. This service has MANY different Christian videos you can watch to help you in your understanding of God’s word. It’s like a Christian version of Netflix.


RightNow Media has children’s videos, Bible studies, and topical studies. You can watch things on marriage, finance, parenting, etc. The video library is quite large.

Later today, you will receive an invitation to join. It will not cost you anything. When you receive the email, follow the directions to receive access. You can watch the videos on the apps on the website, apps on your phone/tablet, or on Roku streaming boxes.

If you do not receive an email by tonight, please reply to this email and an invitation will be sent to you.

We hope this helps you continue growing in your knowledge and application of God’s word in your daily life.

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