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A Word from our Pastor


One early Christmas morning, my brothers and I unwrapped one of the more memorable gifts we ever received from my parents—a Nintendo Entertainment System. It was glorious in its boxy-grey exterior and came complete with two wired controllers and an orange zapper, which allowed me to hone my skills as a sharp-shooter. It probably led to my enjoyment of duck as a dish, as I had spent so many hours hunting them with my trusty, yet often frustrating digital dog.

Years have gone by since that gift, and we’re approaching an entirely different holiday. Yet one thing that my early enthusiasm for video games taught me about life is how important a do-over is. 

Can you imagine what Super Mario Brothers would have been like if you only got one chance to get it right? If the first time you failed to jump over a mushroom or angry turtle, the game just self-destructed like a Mission Impossible instruction guide? I would guess that the video game industry would not be what it is today if that’s how lives worked. 

I think it’s interesting that the art and entertainment we produce assume the need for multiple chances at important things. It is almost as if we are ingrained with an innate understanding that the life we live right now, isn’t the final try. It is almost as if there is something out there that promises an extra life, or a do over. 

I believe that “something” is the empty tomb. With Jesus’ defeat of death, we have the sweet opportunity to be born to life anew. Join us this weekend to celebrate all that He has done for us! Our Good Friday service here at the church will be at 7pm, and we’ll gather to celebrate the resurrected and victorious Jesus together at 10am on Sunday. Bring friends! They need a do-over too.


~ Pastor Jeremy