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The Christmas season is officially here, and I’m overflowing with excitement for it. The air is crisp, the Rockefeller Tree is lit, Saks and Macy’s are back to outdoing each other with their decorations, and people are skating in Bryant Park. This season, we’ll be using classic Christmas carols to remind ourselves of some of the true joys that come with the birth of our Savior. This week, we begin with the song, “O Holy Night.” It’s a song with a fascinating backstory and with lyrics that have resonated for nearly 200 years. I hope you’ll plan to join us this Sunday, and bring a friend! This season is one of the best for inviting people to church, and you can count on the Gospel being presented. Pray with me that the Lord will use His word to renew our spirit and capture the imagination of the searcher. I also want to remind you all that our Small Groups will be kicking off on January 7! We’ll have sign ups ready to go this week. My hope is that everyone in our church would be connected with a small group. Please also consider if you’d like to host and/or facilitate a group!

~Pastor Jeremy