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A new year is a great time to begin (or continue) reading your Bible. Many great plans exist that help keep you on track. Maybe your plan to read through the Bible in a year. Or maybe you want to read a little slower and take your time to digest all that you read. Maybe you want to try a new translation so that you may gain different insight into what you read.

One popular plan is the M’Cheyne Bible-Reading Plan. M'CHeyne died before reaching his 30th birthday, but wanted to encourage people in Scotland to read their Bibles. He wrote to a friend:

You read your Bible regularly, of course; but do try and understand it, and still more to feel it. Read more parts than one at a time. For example, if you are reading Genesis, read a Psalm also; or if you are reading Matthew, read a small bit of an Epistle also. Turn the Bible into prayer. Thus, if you were reading the First Psalm, spread the Bible on the chair before you, and kneel and pray, “O Lord, give me the blessedness of the man”; “let me not stand in the counsel of the ungodly.” This is the best way of knowing the meaning of the Bible, and of learning to pray.

Another plan attempts to read through the Bible chronologically. The plan is for 5 days a week so that if you fall behind, it's easier to catch up. This reading plan is available to pick up in the church lobby this Sunday.

Regardless of which plan you follow, please do follow a plan. It helps keep you in God's word with intention.