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While we have not been able to provide an in-person program for children, our hope has been that as we equip you as parents, your children have experienced the love of Christ. In our continued effort to come along side families, we now have Family Fidget Packs available for use during the service. I know all too well how daunting it is to work with children as they learn the art of participating in a worship service. I remember being exhausted because our three kids (ages 2, 3, & 4) couldn’t sit still or quietly in the worship service. As one writer accurately depicts, “It felt like we’d experienced a tour of combat duty without any medals.” 

The Family Fidget Pack is not designed to distract your child while you worship, rather it is to a tool to help your child participate in the worship service with you. Many times children’s brains can calm, retaining more information as they are sitting quietly and engaging their busy little hands. Our suggestion would be that you hold the Family Fidget Pack until the sermon begins. Children of even the youngest of ages may participate in singing praises to God. As the sermon begins, give your child(ren) one item at time from the bag. We know that children are busy, loud, and messy. We expect that children will make some noise during the service. Their little voices are a delight! However, we wanted to provide something for them. We want to let them know that just as Christ loves them, we love them and know it can be hard for busy little ones to be still. So this Sunday, if you think your child would benefit, grab a bag from the wall in the foyer and return it after service.