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In preparation for this Sunday, August 7, we are reading Mark, 1 & 2 Peter, and Jude.

With Sunday's heat, we will meet in the sanctuary for our study.

Click Here to Watch a Video that overviews these four books.


Have you ever wondered about the big picture of the Bible and how God fits everything together? Do you know people who are curious or confused what the Bible is all about?

We have an eight-week class continuing after service this Sunday. You've probably never read the Bible quite like this. Using the reading Bible Immerse: Messiah, we cover the entire New Testament in eight weeks. Each session is exploring insights and answers into your reading.

The books are here and cost $10/book. You can also order Kindle versions here:

Amazon Kindle Immerse: Messiah

Not a reader? The audio version is free. Scroll down on the Immerse: Messiah page.


This is a great study to invite others to come. If they have any curiosity about the Bible at all, ask them to join us. It's not too late to join as you can pick up with us on any week.