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Thank you for your great work during our outdoor packing party this past Saturday! We had a wonderful time packing 498 shoeboxes! You can see pictures on our Facebook page:

While our outdoor packing party is done, the ministry of Operation Christmas Child continues.

Shoebox Sponsors

Of the 498 shoeboxes, 188 boxes have their shipping costs covered. If you would like to sponsor one of the other 310 shoeboxes, Roseann will have the tickets available on Sunday. You can pick up a group of 5 or 10 tags in the lobby or pick up just a ticket or two.

Collection Week - November 16-23

Bethel serves as the Staten Island collection center for OCC. From November 16-23, we will have opportunities for you and your family to serve in receiving shoeboxes from the community. Be watching for a signup opportunties.

Virtual Shoeboxes

This year, Operation Christmas Child is giving people the opportunity to pack virtual shoeboxes. "Since we were unable to host as many packing parties this year, we would like to share the opportunity to make and give a shoebox online. Girls and boys around the world truly will appreciate these gifts of love and getting to know Jesus."

Bethel's personal page for packing shoeboxes is located here: