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This year marks 20 years since 9/11. Almost every American who was older than a toddler remembers the events of that day. You remember where you were and how you felt. Especially here in NYC, that day personally impacted you and still does.

"In these stories of brokenness and beauty, we see that God was, and is, and always will be at work—even in the darkest moments." The Gospel Coaltion released special podcast episodes of Remembering 9/11. Here's the description of the podcast:

Psalm 102 reminds us to record what God has done so that future generations will praise him. TGC's narrative podcast, Recorded, chronicles a variety of stories of God’s redemptive and transformative work. These narratives testify to the beauty of the gospel on display in this generation—in many places and in surprising ways. Whether your faith is strong or struggling, tune in to Recorded for encouraging snapshots of God’s faithfulness, nearness, and love.

Currently, there are two episodes dedicated to remembering 9/11 with this disclaimer: 

"Editors’ note: This episode contains details about 9/11 that may be disturbing for some. Please listen with care."

As we reflect on these last 20 years, we know that God is still sovereign. God is still faithful. God is still working.