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Just a few decades ago, Albania was one of the three most closed countries to the gospel message. Today, God continues to save people as they hear the message of Jesus Christ.

“You dream of people saying, ‘Tell me about Jesus,’ and they did,” said Tammy Doçi, who was on Campus Crusade’s first official summer mission to Albania in 1992. “We’d go into a women’s dorm room and they’d say, ‘Wait, let us go get our friends first.’ Before we knew it, we’d have 18 women packed onto the bunk beds, listening intently and asking questions.”

Albania's leader declared the country the world's first atheistic country in 1967. The article details sneaking Bibles into the country while it was a closed. Today, the people have a hunger for God's word as the number of Christians continues to climb. What was once a couple of dozen Christians is now estimated at more than 16,000 Christians.

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