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With the announcement that much of Staten Island will be in the orange zone beginning Wednesday, what does that mean for in-person gathering at Bethel? The guidelines for churches is 33% capacity, 25 people maximum. This means that we can have only 25 people in each service.

Because of this new restriction, RSVP's will now be required. Before the move to orange, RSVP's had been requested but not required. Now, to ensure that we love our neighbor & their health as well as follow the guidance of our government leaders (Romans 13), RSVP's will be required.

The RSVP page has been updated for 25 people for each service. The first service has had plenty of room for more people. The second service will be the one that sees a reduction in the number of people. Let us encourage you to register for the first service at 9:30 AM so that more will be able to come to the 11:00 AM service.

If you previously registered and will not be able to make it, you can cancel your own reservation or feel free to reply to this email.

Please continue praying for our leaders as they make decisions and for the health of everyone serving the health needs of our community. God has been very good to us at Bethel through this year. We pray that His favor continues to bless us. Please also continue praying that God would bring healing from this virus and that we would not move into the red zone as that means significant changes for how we gather.

You can RSVP for either service with this link: