Short version:

Please complete this survey letting us know how & when you plan to return to the church gathering.
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Long version:

We know that everyone is anxious for life to return to normal. Part of that normal is meeting physically as the church body. Even though meeting together will be different than before, we find comfort in being together physically in the same room.

In preparation for reopening the Bethel building, we are listing out more detailed cleaning procedures and evaluating different aspects of our worship service. We have ordered necessary supplies to use before, during, and after our worship gatherings. Even though the critical items were ordered months ago, some of these supplies are still not available until July.

Everyone has thoughts on when and how to resume our services. Sometimes we have agreement. Other times, we have disagreement. In all things, the church body demonstrates love by caring for and meeting the needs of others. Thom Rainer lists five reasons for some of these disagreements:

1. Extroverts vs. introverts
2. Sources of news each person follows
3. Age & health of individuals
4. Children in the home or not
5. General attitude toward change

To better understand your perspective, we have prepared a survey to get a sense of what people are feeling. Please let us know what your understanding is of when & how you plan to return by completing this survey:

*Depending on the device you use to complete the survey, you may need to scroll side-to-side to see all options.

We understand that some who have been committed & faithful members may be more reluctant to return until a later time. That's okay. Others may want to return as soon as the doors open. That's okay also. We don't have a clear verse in scripture that tells us when to open after a pandemic, but we do have MANY verses that tell us how we are to demonstrate love for one another. As we demonstrate love and compassion for one another, we are demonstrating the character of God to our church family and to our community.

Pastor Paul

Reference article from Thom Rainer: