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We continue to pray for those infected by the Coronavirus to recover. We pray for those family members who have lost loved ones to this outbreak. We pray for our government leaders to understand what is going on and to lead the people with wisdom.

As Christians, we understand that God is sovereign. These events did not surprise Him and He is still in control. We are thankful that God still meets our needs, even when we may be fearful. We have no reason to be afraid as we trust God to see us through.

While you are at home, please use this time to continue your devotions. I know how easily I'm distracted by news and entertainment and even eating. I must remind myself to be intentional with my time: Bible study, prayer, family time, reading, exercise, etc. For me, exercise is hard on a regular basis but especially now.

We do not know when we will be meeting face-to-face yet. We continue to watch the recommendations coming from our government leaders. As you are home, here are a few resources for you to use:

RightNow Media (click here to email us requesting access)

Ligonier Ministries free teaching series

Tim Challies links to free/discounted resources


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