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Who doesn't love a good mystery? We are cooking up our own mystery. Are you curious yet?

Join in the fun Sunday, August 8th at 5:00 pm.

Here's how it works. First, you must decide if prefer to be a guest or a host.  Being a guest is simple. Sign up to bring bread & salad, or a side dish, or dessert, work up an appetite, and show up at the address given to you. Being a host requires a little more effort. You agree to host a meal in your home for a set number of guests, say 8 (you determine and let us know). Then you wait and see who shows up at the door. It's all great fun and a wonderful way to get to know others in our church family.

Registration ends August 1st…so don't be late!

A few important details:

  • If you commit to coming, PLEASE COME! We don't want our hosts and hostesses to prepare for a full house and then get a bunch of no-shows!
  • Respect your host's time and don't wear out your welcome.
  • Guest will be given host home information at church Sunday morning, August 8th.
  • Hosts will be given the number of guests to expect and information about food allergies.

Make your dinner reservation now!